17 April, 2024

Controversy Surrounds Tammy Rivera’s Daughter for Wearing a Negligee to Graduation

Tammy Rivera’s Daughter Draws Criticism for Graduation Attire

Yesterday, Tammy Rivera proudly shared pictures of her 18-year-old daughter’s high school graduation. However, the joyous occasion quickly turned sour as the online community, particularly Black Twitter, reacted negatively to the images. Media Take Out even confirmed the backlash, stating that Tammy’s teenage daughter had donned an inappropriate dress for such a formal event.

The dress in question was labeled by critics as a “negligee,” sparking further controversy. Although Media Take Out did not share the video, it reported that Charlie, Tammy’s daughter, hosted a graduation party at a popular Atlanta nightclub. A video from the event allegedly depicted several high school girls engaging in playful behavior.

If you’re curious about the video, you can find it on Charlie’s Instagram Stories.


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