1 October, 2023

Family Reunion on VH1 After her fight with Karlie Redd, Tokyo Vanity blasts Spice

Karlie Redd is not welcome at Tokyo Vanity.
On the most recent season of “VH1: Family Reunion,” “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Karlie Redd and Spice are in a fight. When Mariahlynn showed up, Karlie wasn’t all that happy. Mariahlynn didn’t know that she and Karlie were fighting. So she spoke. However, Karlie didn’t speak back. Karlie said that Marliahlynn called her messy on social media in an interview with a green screen. Mariahlynn didn’t see the problem because, in her mind, Karlie has been messy on TV for a long time.

Tokyo Vanity was another person Karlie said she had a problem with, which I thought was interesting. Tokyo hasn’t been on the show for a few seasons now. But Karlie said that Tokyo said something years ago that she didn’t like. She said that Tokyo said that all of the LHHATL veterans should be taken off the show.

Karlie also said that other people know that this is supposedly what Tokyo said. Spice said yes.
Tokyo was surprised by this because she and Karlie had just gotten along well at her birthday party. So she went to make the spinoff show thinking that everyone liked her. Things between Tokyo and Karlie got worse in the end. And at the end of the last episode, Tokyo ended up swinging on Karlie.

Some fans think Tokyo made a mistake. But Tokyo and Mariahlynn aren’t sure what to make of all the help Karlie has been getting. After the episode aired, they called her and Spice out on it. And they think that they are mean.

Karlie Redd and Spice were called out by Mariahlynn and Tokyo Vanity.
On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Tokyo Vanity has always been ready to talk to anyone who has a problem with her. She hasn’t appeared on the show in a while. She did, however, shoot for this season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” And it didn’t really work out. At the time, Tokyo left the show on good terms with everyone on the cast except for Akbar V. So she didn’t think anyone would have something against her while they were making the spinoff show. But Karlie Redd said to Tokyo that she didn’t like her. So they would talk about it afterward.

Tokyo didn’t want to wait around to hear Karlie’s problem, though. She told Karlie that they were just fine at Tokyo’s birthday party. That day, Karlie did nothing but show her love. So Tokyo thought that Karlie was just making up a problem to make the show more interesting.

But Karlie said that the problem is that Tokyo is said to have said that the vets should be kicked off LHHATL.
Well, by the end of the episode, Tokyo did swing on Karlie.

Tokyo and Mariahlynn talked about everything that was going on on Instagram Live. Mariahlynn said that Tokyo had been caught off guard.

“At your birthday party, you showed me videos of you all. And you guys were good, and she was shouting your names and all. So, Chrissy Lampkin and I talked afterward, and it was funny because it was like, “Wow, you didn’t know you were going to walk into that.”

Mariahlynn went on, “And then when you walked in, it was kind of like as a friend, she didn’t handle that right either. If you were my friend…”

Tokyo said, “Because they were never my friends.” They put on a show.”

Mariahlynn thought it was silly that Karlie was upset about things that happened years ago. “First of all, I would never have been upset about something that happened years ago, no matter what it was,” she said. But, of course, I was in the same situation. About 5 or 6 years ago, I called her messy on Instagram.”

When Tokyo’s followers asked Spice if she touched Tokyo, Tokyo hit Spice with a few jabs.

“Bro, that *** has never connected with anyone, bro. They really act like they’re going to be there when she gets off. You can only see that *** doing dancehall somersaults. Grab some **** and throw it at people. That *** doesn’t want any scratch, man. That ***** isn’t about anything.”

It looks like Spice and Tokyo are no longer friends.

Tokyo continued, “I don’t like fighting, I don’t like confrontations, and I don’t want a problem, but these **** just want to smoke with me for some reason. I didn’t know why they didn’t like me.”

“I never understood what I did to them,” she said. I didn’t get it. And I’m not playing the victim here because no one can make me one.”

Tokyo is just upset that she didn’t see the drama coming. “I was happy as hell to go out there and hang out with people I didn’t even know didn’t like me. As soon as we start shooting, these **** suddenly have a problem with me.”

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