1 October, 2023

LHHATL Fans Speculate Bambi & Scrappy Are Over + Momma Dee Makes Serious Accusations

The tensions between Momma Dee and Bambi have had a significant impact on Scrappy.

On the show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” the pair Scrappy and Bambi have been quite candid about the difficulties they have been experiencing in their marriage. Nevertheless, Momma Dee was the one who revealed all of their secrets about the most recent season. She let Shekinah Jo know that Scrappy had some issues with Bambi’s behavior. And because their relationship had deteriorated to such a state, he informed her that he was getting ready to file for divorce. When Bambi found out about this, she was upset to learn that Scrappy had been confiding in Momma Dee. Bambi was upset to find out that Scrappy had been confiding in Momma Dee. And he did this instead of approaching her to discuss how he felt about her. As for Scrappy, he was frustrated that Momma Dee did not keep their conversation private between the two of them after he told her something.

In the end, Scrappy made the decision to forego initiating a divorce proceeding. And he stated that he dreaded the possibility that Bambi may leave him because she was sick and tired of having to deal with Momma Dee. Momma Dee has supported Bambi throughout the years both on the show and on various social media platforms. In point of fact, she expressed her desire on an episode of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” that Scrappy would have wed Shay Johnson rather than her.

The fans of LHHATL are curious as to whether or not Scrappy and Bambi are still together.

Bambi is certain that Momma Dee likes to rub her friendship with Shay in her face in order to evoke a reaction out of Bambi, and she believes this to be the case. Therefore, no one has put any pressure on her to take the kids to see their grandmother, Momma Dee. It’s interesting to note that Bambi wasn’t present when Scrappy and the children celebrated Christmas at Momma Dee’s house. On their respective Instagram pages, they shared photographs taken during the day.
It didn’t take long at all for admirers to begin wondering where Bambi was and why they couldn’t see him. They also started to speculate that Bambi and Scrappy might not get along very well with one another. In point of fact, many people are beginning to question whether or not the pair is still together.

Before the holidays, Momma Dee shared a lot of her thoughts on a recent Instagram Live broadcast.

It’s rather interesting to see that Bambi and Scrappy have unfollowed each other’s posts on Instagram. Additionally, Momma Dee has just now leveled some quite weighty charges against Bambi. She leveled the accusations a few weeks or so before the holiday season began.

Momma Dee made the following statement when she was participating in Instagram Live: “So don’t come for me and say Momma don’t say nothing about your daughter-in-law if you don’t know what she’s done. You have no idea, and even if you did, I would never intentionally mislead her. She is worthy of my respect because she is the mother of three of my grandchildren. But after that, it’s finished for good. I am done.”
She continued by saying, “Y’all, she did something to Scrappy; she did something to him physically.” I can’t say, I can’t say it. This ***** likes to play the victim, but she’s not a victim at all. That effing poison.

In addition to that, Momma Dee leveled some very serious allegations about Bambi’s own mother, Cece.

“Keep an eye on that ***** and her mother. What about the ***** mother phoned VH1 and the producers of the show? She brandished a firearm in the direction of one of my close friends… Cece…yes. They are completely insane.

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