1 October, 2023

Jenn Coreano, who used to be on LHHNY, says that Tokyo Vanity stole Karlie Redd and that she’s afraid of Spice

Tokyo Vanity and Spice and Karlie Redd had a fight.

A lot of people are talking about the new season of “VH1: Family Reunion” on social media. Tokyo Vanity, who used to be on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” came to Jamaica to join the rest of the cast. She thought that everyone on the Atlanta show was still on good terms with her, but Karlie Redd told her that she has a problem with something Tokyo said years ago. Karlie said that Tokyo said the LHHATL veterans should be kicked off the show. This really surprised Tokyo because the last time she saw Karlie was at her birthday party, which was months ago. So Tokyo thought Karlie was just looking for a problem so she could have something exciting to show on TV.

No matter what, Spice stood by Karlie. She said that Tokyo had made the comment, and she said that it was true.

Tokyo got angry when she started to think that Karlie had turned on her for a storyline. They talked back and forth. And before the end of the last episode, Tokyo hit Karlie. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, so fans will have to wait until the next episode to find out what happened because of what Tokyo did.

Tokyo Vanity was asked to do a scene for the drama on “VH1: Family Reunion.”
Tokyo has been talking about the drama on social media in the meantime. She said that Spice and Karlie are both mean girls who start trouble because they want to be on TV. She is also not happy that some fans call her a bully because she ran up to Karlie.

Jenn Coreano, who used to be on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” recently had some things to say about Tokyo. She said that Tokyo had tricked Karlie. She also said that Spice and Tokyo won’t have the same energy.

At the family reunion, Karlie Redd and Tokyo Vanity got into a fight.
Tokyo Vanity isn’t happy with how things went down when she filmed for the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” The former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star said that she thought there wouldn’t be any drama when she went to Jamaica to join the party. Things changed, though, when Karlie Redd told Tokyo that she didn’t like something he said years ago.

Karlie says that Tokyo said she didn’t want the vets on LHHATL to stay. The problem is that Tokyo didn’t know Karlie had a problem. And the last time she saw Karlie was at Tokyo’s birthday party, where she was very friendly.

So, if Karlie had a real problem with something, it should have been talked about before they started filming “VH1: Family Reunion.” Tokyo thought Karlie was setting her up for a storyline. At the end of the episode, Tokyo did a swing on Karlie.

Jenn Coreano said that Karlie Redd was “snuck” into Tokyo Vanity.

Some fans have said that Tokyo is bullying Karlie, but Tokyo has defended what she has done. Mariahlynn went on Instagram Live with Tokyo to talk about the drama. She also said that Karlie had set up Tokyo in an unfair way. Mariahlynn thinks that Karlie is a very mean girl. Mariahlynn went on to say that Karlie also set her up for a TV moment by saying she didn’t like Mariahlynn for calling her messy on the internet years ago.

Well, “Love and Hip Hop New York” alumna Jenn Coreano thinks Tokyo was in the wrong. Jenn started all of the trouble by standing up and telling the whole cast that they were too boring. She didn’t want to be on a “boring show,” so they had to spice it up. This made Tokyo mad, and not long after, she got into a fight with Karlie. So, Tokyo thought that Jenn had set the stage for the chaos that followed. Tokyo said she was having fun up until Jenn said something.

On Instagram Live, Jenn answered. She also said a lot about Tokyo. Jenn said that Tokyo stole Karlie.

“Tokyo, you’re running this real s***, and I’m not kidding. I’ma real *****. Real ****** don’t try to sneak around. Let me tell you something that will give you an advantage. Real ******* don’t try to sneak around. Okay? Jenny from down the street. I was born and raised in New York City. We don’t sneak *******.”

She also said, “You had plenty of time to hit on Karlie face-to-face. You were right there, right in front of her.”

Jenn Coreano, who used to be on LHHNY, said that Tokyo Vanity should be mad at herself.
Jenn thinks Tokyo should have handled the situation very differently. “You were right in front of Karlie. You didn’t ask, “What’s going on? Square up. Nah! You’re talking nonsense, let’s fight now. ‘”

Jenn doesn’t think much of Tokyo’s skills.

“And you’re going to say, ‘Oh, I didn’t even fix Jenn as well as I could’ What? You trying to sneak up on ****? Like putting your weight on them? You haven’t lost your mind.”

She still doesn’t know what she did to make Tokyo mad. “At the end of the day, I said, “Let’s have some fun,”” she says. What’s the ********* issue? ”

She also insinuated that she doubts Tokyo would have the same energy she had for Karlie with Spice. She should be mad at herself for making the decisions she did.

“But since you were there, you know you got Karlie. The people watching know you got Karlie in. We saw it. If you’re going to be mad, be mad that millions of people saw you sneak punch a ***** and that you had plenty of time and chances to settle things with the *****. Nothing but time and opportunity to square up with a *****. But you chose to sneak her in. Don’t like that. Don’t get mad at me because Karlie and Spice don’t want to talk to you and I’m in the middle of it. How important is it? ”

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