20 June, 2024

After a BBWLA fan called her out for making fun of Jackie Christie’s age, Jennifer Williams replied

Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie are at odds on BBWLA.

Actresses Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie from “Basketball Wives” just disagree on the current episode. At a fashion display, the tension between the two women was apparent. As a favor to her friend, Jennifer went to the event, but she also wanted to do some research for a hair show she was planned. Jennifer has a distinct hairstyle. She reasoned that the greatest way to promote her brand to the world would be through a really good hair display. Jackie showed irritation at it. She continued by asking why, given that she had previously modeled in fashion shows, Jennifer hadn’t just asked her for some guidance.

Once Jennifer marched down the runway during one of the shows, things got pretty messy. The fashion designer and Jennifer are pals, it turns out. They also invited her to take part in the show. It’s interesting to note that although it was Jennifer’s turn to shine, Jackie performed her own runway walk adjacent to the stage.

Jennifer didn’t like what Jackie was doing. However, Jackie revealed an intriguing fact when she made an attempt to call her out. She acknowledged that she occasionally publicly exacts revenge on Jennifer for things she done behind her back. Jackie claimed that Jennifer had offended her by making remarks about her open house listing. Jackie claims that Jennifer expressed dissatisfaction with the residence. Additionally, she claimed that “white women on Selling Sunset” are more difficult.

Jackie was deeply upset by these reported remarks from Jennifer because she is enthusiastic about her real estate job. Jennifer thought Jackie was overreacting, though. She should also be receptive to wise criticism.

On social media, Jennifer Williams has been responding.
When Jackie invited the women to Sacramento to observe Doug Christie’s day-to-day activities as an assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings, things only became worse. The hotel rooms were looked after by Jackie. Jennifer thought it was suspicious that she was given a premium room rather than a suite because of this. Jackie thought that Jennifer was making the vacation about herself when it should have been about Doug, so she went off Jennifer completely when she complained about the hotel.

Well, on the most recent episode, Jennifer and Jackie argued once more. The purported remark Jackie allegedly made about Jennifer’s future documentary this time had Jennifer indignant. The subject of the documentary is one of Jennifer’s ex-boyfriends who she claimed conned her out of a car. Jennifer was informed that Jackie claimed to be the project’s producer. Jackie asserted it wasn’t what she actually said. She only mentioned that she has previously worked as a producer. So Jennifer contacted her to ask for suggestions on how to proceed with the movie.

Nevertheless, Jennifer and Jackie got into another argument. The other women decided to split them apart when neither of them was willing to back down. However, it did little to stop the insults from flying. Jennifer once stated that she will not get into a fight with a “senior citizen.”

It’s interesting to note that not all “Basketball Wives” viewers saw Jackie’s age as a dig. They came to the conclusion that Jennifer is not particularly young herself.

The following tweet was posted on Twitter: “#basketballwives Jenn is 48 years old calling Jackie a “senior citizen” acting like she’s a spring chicken.”

Jennifer tweeted in response, “Get it right I’m 47,”

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