20 June, 2024

In a nasty Instagram fight, Bambi accuses Erica Dixon and Emani of abuse

In a scene right out of the “Love & Hip-Hop” writers’ room, Bambi, Erica Dixon, and Emani said mean things to each other.

This week, the trouble started when Lil Scrappy’s daughter Emani, whom he shares with Erica Dixon, asked fans to stop asking her about his wife Adizia “Bambi” Benson. She called her “that lady” after calling her “my stepmom.” Emani replied to Bambi’s picture with a comment that seemed to say, “It’s giving ‘That Lady.'” This didn’t sit well with Dixon, so he jumped into the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post about it to get Bambi together.


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“You mean ‘That Old Lying A** Lady’ who was in the hot tub with Benzino. “Bih, you’re too old to be mean to my kid,” Dixon wrote. Emani also posted on the post, saying that she wasn’t trying to be sneaky but did want people to stop asking her about her father’s wife. Dixon told her daughter that she didn’t have to explain herself and that Bambi wouldn’t hurt her. From there, it seemed like the matter was over, but all hell broke loose very fast.

Bambi didn’t waste any time getting on Instagram to talk to both her mother and her daughter, accusing them of shady things. She says that Emani told her that Dixon had hurt her physically. Bambi says she was the one who comforted Emani when Dixon reportedly “busted her sh** all those times.” She even showed what looks like a report of the abuse, which she said had happened.

Emani then went on Live to support Dixon. She said that her mother “popped” her for being rude in a single situation. The 18-year-old says that Bambi can’t take care of the children she has with Scrappy. The girl said that both of her parents took very good care of her. Dixon then did her own IG Live session in which she accused Bambi of trying to get her kids taken away. Dixon also asked Bambi to get together and talk about their problems, just like they had done before.


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Dixon and Bambi’s problems go back to when they were both on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” It seemed like things had gotten much calmer in the last few years, but that’s not true. I hope that these two women can finally work out their differences.

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