17 April, 2024

Even though Scrappy and Bambi might be breaking up, they are making progress

On LHHATL, Scrappy and Bambi’s ups and downs keep going.

The marriage problems of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have been shown on the show. Bambi thinks that Momma Dee is one of their most important problems right now. In the most recent season, Bambi didn’t think it was necessary to bring the kids to see Momma Dee because she was always on social media. Momma Dee hasn’t liked how Bambi’s parents have raised him. She has also said that Bambi made her break up with Scrappy. Bambi thought that Momma Dee’s posts on social media about how she was friends with Shay Johnson were just a way to get under her skin. Momma Dee said that it would have been interesting if Scrappy had married Shay.

Scrappy has also told them that he is worried about the marriage. But Momma Dee and Bambi had fought so much that he was afraid he would lose his wife.

Even though there was some drama on social media recently, Bambi and Scrappy seem to be getting along better.
Fans of LHHATL started to think Scrappy and Bambi broke up weeks ago when Scrappy stopped following Bambi on Instagram. When a fan said that Momma Dee ruined his marriage, he pushed back. A fan told him to do something nice for Bambi on Valentine’s Day, but he didn’t listen. Also, Bambi has been seen without her wedding ring.

Well, it looks like Bambi and Scrappy are in a much better place now. Even more recently, Scrappy went on Instagram to wish Bambi a happy birthday.

In the caption, he wrote, “Everyone help me wish jack @adizthebam, one of the most beautiful people/moms I know in the world, a very happy dappy.” “Happy birthday! I know you and your family are going to a barbecue. Have fun and be blessed.”

And Bambi said, “Thank youuuuu .”

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