20 June, 2024

Tammy Rivera speaks out after Peter Thomas was found not guilty of choking her niece. She says, “Apologize.”

On Wednesday, March 1, Peter Thomas from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was found not guilty of second-degree assault in Baltimore Circuit Court.

The Baltimore Banner says that it took the jury less than an hour to decide that the restaurant owner who had been accused by Tammy Rivera’s niece, Chanel Williams, was not guilty.

Williams said that Thomas choked her in Bar One Baltimore, Thomas’s restaurant in Baltimore.

Thomas uploaded several videos to his Instagram page to celebrate being found not guilty. Thomas said in his first video, “I just got out of court, and 12 of the 12 jurors said I was not guilty.” “Don’t stop coming after me, but I tell them I’m safe.”

In his second video, the businessman said again, “Thank God, I was found not guilty. All 12 jurors said that the person was not guilty. Now I have to move on.”

After hearing the verdict, the former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said something. Rivera put up two videos on her Instagram story that told her version of what happened between her niece and Thomas in March 2022.

The 36-year-old woman said that she doesn’t mess around when it comes to her family and that she didn’t talk about the situation “out of privacy” for her niece.

“My niece didn’t want me to help her, and she didn’t want me involved. Rivera said, “She didn’t want me to help her with the lawyer, the case, or anything else.”

The reality star then said that the only reason Thomas wasn’t found guilty was because he had a lawyer to defend him while her niece only had a state attorney.

“He touched her, and he choked her. She called me crying her eyes out outside the restaurant. My niece is neither loud nor from the hood. She’s not in any trouble, because that’s not her world.”

Rivera went on to say that Thomas even tried to talk to Williams the day after their fight to say sorry for what he had done.

Rivera called Thomas “sad” at the end of her video because he was so drunk that he couldn’t remember what happened.

“Get some help. Thank God you had enough money to hire a good lawyer who got you out of jail, but that might not happen the next time. “It could go in a totally different direction,” she said.

Even though Thomas wasn’t guilty, fans still stood up for Rivera and her niece.

“Peter used to jump in front of women’s faces on ‘RHOA,’ so I’m not surprised at all.”

“And to be honest, she might be loud and ghetto, but he’s an adult and should keep his hands to himself.”
Williams and Thomas went to court on Tuesday, February 28, after she said he put “his hand around her neck” and squeezed for 30 seconds.

Williams and her friend Cierra Dunlap said that Thomas was the aggressor, but Thomas and a restaurant manager, Hannah Akinwunmi, said that Williams attacked the restaurant owner.

In the end, Thomas and his lawyer were able to show enough evidence in court to convince the jury to rule in his favor.

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