20 June, 2024

‘Love & Lockup’ Breakout Star Monique Talks About Derek Loving Her Despite Her Size

Despite a few bumps, Monique and Derek’s relationship seems to be going well. The couple from “Love After Lockup” talk on Angela Yee’s “Way Up.”
This season of Love After Lockup’s big stars are Monique and Derek. Every week, people tune in to see how this odd couple figures out, well, love after jail. Derek did a nine-year sentence in prison, where he met Monique. The two became pen pals and have kept in touch despite harsh criticism about how different they look. Monique is a beautiful plus-size woman, and Derek is a small man with a big personality. Recently, the couple went on Angela Yee’s new show Way Up, where they talked about their relationship and how people have reacted to their different sizes.
During the honest interview, it was clear that Monique and Derek have chemistry, even though some people didn’t think Monique could get a guy like Derek because she was overweight.


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“TV doesn’t really show how to love a plus-size woman right, especially by an attractive man,” said Monique. “I don’t have trouble finding a man. People think I was trying to sell things on penpal websites in order to meet a man.”

Always Together
In a separate interview with Carlos King, it came out that Derek has cheated on Monique about 10 times since he got out of prison. He talked in detail about the high-speed chase with Monique’s affair that went wrong. The couple also talked about the video that went viral of Derek ordering food from a restaurant that cost $500.

“I don’t like how big that became. This is the man I love and care about. If he came home and wanted to try everything on the menu, I would get it for him. I won’t take anything away from him.”

If you’ve been following Monique and Derek from the beginning of this season, you know that Derek’s sisters have been a pain for the couple. Derek’s family thought he had a “type” that Monique didn’t fit, according to Derek. But Derek told them that he loves Monique and is with her because of her values, love, and loyalty.

Derek’s sister then said that Derek had told the interviewer that she was a trans woman. But fans quickly stood up for Derek and the way he talked about her transition in a positive way.

Below, you can watch the whole interview:

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