20 June, 2024

Joseline Hernandez’s daughter Bonnie Bella and Mimi Faust’s daughter Eva Giselle seem alike in a new photo

Joseline Hernandez, who used to be on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” couldn’t let Bonnie Bella Jordan’s sixth birthday go by without wishing her a happy one.

The Puerto Rican Princess filled her most recent Instagram post with many photos of her little sister Bonnie, showing fans how she spends her days.

Hernandez sent a long message to her daughter’s phone, showing her in a green princess dress with a tiara on her head and a rainbow-colored mermaid braid. In the message, Hernandez wished her daughter a happy birthday.

“My little girl is 6! OMG. Someone pinch me! She was born on December 28, 2016! It was a very special day yesterday! I hope everything she asked for was fun for her. Bonnie Bella is an ideal child. We are so lucky, @ballisticbeats and I. We love you Bonnie’Bella”

The Shade Room, a popular media site, re-posted Hernandez’s photos and put them on their page. Fans commented on how much Bonnie Bella looks like her father, hip-hop record producer Stevie J, and her half-sister Eva Giselle Jordan, whom he shares with former Big Brother Atlanta contestant Mimi Faust.

“She looks just like Stevie.”

“Wow! Stevie’s genes are strong because she looks just like her sister, Eva!”

One of the biggest “LHH” love triangle scandals involved Hernandez, Faust, and Jordan. Jordan and Faust were on and off for more than 15 years. When Hernandez, a rising artist that Jordan was managing, came into the picture in 2012, everything changed.

The relationship between the three people was anything but smooth. During the first season of the show, they even went to counseling together. After Hernandez found out that Jordan had lied about not being with Faust anymore, she punched him in the head and the counseling went downhill quickly.

After all the fights, attempts to control each other, and insults that never stopped, each person now has their own relationship with their own partner.

Hernandez is now dating producer Robin “DJ Balistic Beats” Ingouma. Jordan was married to R&B singer Faith Evans until last year, when they said they were getting a divorce. Faust is now dating WNBA star Tamera Young.

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