20 June, 2024

Josh Seiter is seeing Glorietta from Love After Lockup after he broke up with Karine from 90 Day Fiance

Josh Seiter has found his “forever person” in Love After Lockup alum Glorietta Besos, he tells In Touch exclusively about his new girlfriend. After Josh broke up with Karine Staehle, who was on 90 Day Fiancé, in December 2022, they started dating.

The former Bachelorette contestant from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season says that Glorietta DM’d him about two months ago, but he didn’t respond “I was slow to see it and answer. We spent about five to six weeks getting to know each other through phone calls and FaceTimes and I’ve never felt this comfortable with someone before, at least that I can recall,” he says.

When Glorietta flew to Chicago to see Josh, it was the first time they met in person. Josh was thrilled with how things turned out. “When we met, we got along even better, and she’s hot. Like drop dead gorgeous. The next day, after dinner, I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend. She said yes, of course “He raved.

Josh has been with a lot of other reality stars, like Lizzie Kommes, who was also on Love After Lockup. He was also with 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Yolanda Leak. In October 2020, they even got engaged, but they broke up for good the following month. Josh and Karine started dating in November 2022, but they broke up the following month because Josh liked one of his ex-girlfriend Lizzie’s Instagram posts, which caused a fight.

Josh says about his relationship with Glorietta, “I don’t want to say anything because I’ve had a string of bad relationships, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found the one I’ll be with forever.”

“People will probably say that I’m only dating her because she’s been on TV, etc., but I don’t care about the haters anymore. “She knows the real me, she makes me happy, and that’s all that matters,” he says. “I’m in a good place in my life right now, and I know that this relationship, unlike some of my others, is built on a solid foundation. So, I have a lot of hope.”

Glorietta is just as smitten. “I can say for sure that Josh Seiter and I are in a serious, loving relationship,” she tells In Touch exclusively.

The woman from California was on season 2 of Love After Lockup. She met her boyfriend, inmate Alexander Bentley, through a cousin. While he was in jail, they got engaged, but once he got out, their relationship started to fall apart. Alexander becoming a Muslim while he was in prison bothered Glorietta, who is Catholic, and she was also worried about how close he was with an ex-girlfriend. After their season was over, the couple broke up.

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